Company Profile

Maruyoshi Chemical is a manufacturer of specialty emulsions and a trading company of chemical products based in Japan. We were first established as a distributor of chemical products in 1970 and started production of emulsions in 1993. Since then we have been concentrating on production of aqueous emulsions of thermoplastics including polypropylene, polyethylene and their copolymers. We have also started international trading of chemical products in 2007.
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Facts and Figures

Head Office
Head Office
Name Maruyoshi Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Head Office 8-105 Heijima, Ginan-cho, Hashima-gun, Gifu, Japan
TEL +81-58-247-1311 FAX +81-58-247-7970
Factory 8-73 Heijima, Ginan-cho, Hashima-gun, Gifu, Japan
President Nobuyuki Hashizume
Capital JPY10,000,000.-
Establishment March,1970
Annual Sales JPY1,550,000,000.-(As of Sep. 2011)

Brief History

Mar., 1970 Founded by Yoshitatsu Hashizume as a distributor of chemical products in Gifu, Japan
Nov., 1974 Incorporated with total capital of JPY8,000,000.
Apr., 1993 Completed whole new factory nearby head office and started production of specialty emulsions.
Oct., 2003 Acquired ISO 9001:2000 certificate of registration by Japan Gas Appliances Inspection Association.